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SopCast: First you must download and install the program from the special website. Instead try the channels blindly, the schedules usually also indicate the quality of what you go to see. The links to the Russian channels are universally recognized as the best, followed by Romanians. But there are others too. Personally I'm using sopcast little because for more than a year, just from September 2012, the channels snap almost always. I do not know what depends, I doubt it is just my problem. In fact the quality is high, but the picture is not as fluid as it once was. Sometimes it can be, sometimes not. The real sopcast defect is that, despite the quality, the event is not exactly in direct but is delayed by about 90 seconds. This means that it is not unusual to hear the nearby rejoice and anticipate a goal. The Russian channels are directed streamed in other ways, which are those that use.

One of the p2p programs used today for streaming is SopCast. At one time it relied on Chinese programs like TVU, Veetle then; SopCast has supplanted all. The principle is the same for everyone: you have to download these programs, install them, inform you near the game about which channels broadcast the event and click on the link above. Essentially I use two of these programs: sopcast and ace stream. A little explanation of both.

 Live Sports Streaming

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