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Before you begin this guide to streaming, with the intent to make you able to procure all of them without distinction of good quality links to the games you prefer, a little introduction is needed. Sky and MP are not the only legal ways to watch the games in your country. In fact you can also use the foreign platforms and in doing so does not infringe any law, there being a European ruling on the matter. From the point of view of the satellite the best offer provides the Al-Jazeera, which with about 10 Euros per month allows you to see all the European leagues, and generally all sports. The commentary is in English and I assure you that it is by far the most professional of the ridiculous comment that you can find in any language TV. They also have HD channels and I would say that if the idea excites you should think about it seriously. Think about it on!

That said, let's move to the guide. The first thing you need is of course a decent internet connection, because if you do not have enough bandwidth to see complicated games with a image level equal to that of television. I will not speak of the bandwidth, rather I'll assume that your speed is satisfactory.

Streaming can be done in two ways: through the flash channels which do not require any pre-installed program, but they work with a single click; through P2P programs, which require the installation of a plugin to your browser or open a window through which you see the game. We will start talking first thing in the P2P programs, analyzing strengths and weaknesses. Then we will pass to the flash channels and finally you will be provided through sites which refer to the schedules.

Now, as promised, let's move to flash sites that are streaming used by the vast majority of sailors. The quality is on average lower, even much, compared to P2P programs. But they have the advantage of being in total direct. Is there a compromise? Yes, it exists, and is called aliez tv. Aliez tv is the best streaming flash in circulation, so good that they are trying to hinder it. Basically it takes the Russians channels and I display them using flash technology with superior quality to other flash channels. Russians are not always to be honest, sometimes even the Portuguese and French channels are quality, but the Russians are almost always the best. The links of aliez them found on aliez.tv site, but it happens that they are not reported to avoid the blackout. In this case, the sites with the schedules rush to our aid. The flash channels are subject to being obscured, or banned, but with a little 'patience you will see that always return. Besides aliez lately tv.hope is providing a good service, always flash. Russian channels (but not only) and very good quality, however, they are tinted with a higher frequency.

Now we know everything there is to know about how to watch the high-quality games. To recap: the use p2p or sopcast stream ace; for flash channels we will try those aliez or tv.hope. If all of these methods go empty, do not worry: we rely on the dear old conventional streaming, which never abandons us despite the low quality.

Finally, here is where you will find the schedules:

Zunox live streams schedule

 Live Sports Streaming

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