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(faq) Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Close The Ads?

This depends on the type of player. ALL the ZXTV channels (ZXTV 1-60) work the same way. Start with the blue X icon. Then close the red close button. This triggers a pop ad. Close the pop ad. Then, click the red close button again to get to the last grey X located top center of the player. Players with timers have a 30 second countdown. Wait 5-10 seconds and the X icon will appear and you can close the ads.

Why Do I Get A Reload Stream Or Offline Error Message On Some Of The Streams Even Though It's Working For Others?

This can be caused by 2 things. IP location or router connectivity. Some flash players block geo locations like Asia and other countries. You can get around this using some VPN or Proxy services. Routers work on 2 types of DNS connectivity. IPv4 and IPv6. If you get an error message most likely you are using a IPv6 DNS address. You can turn off IPv6 in your network settings here or Google how to turn off IPv6 for your specific operating system.

Why Isn't My Event On Yet?

Most events do not go live until as close as 5 minutes before scheduled times. If you are on a stream and it hasnt gone live try pressing the refresh stream button located above the stream player shortly after event time. This should reload the stream.

Other Issues Or Specific Requests

If you have any other issues, questions or event requests, contact a Chat Moderator in the chat box and they can help you or they can contact the Admin about an issue or request.

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